Photographer, Videographer and planner

For intentional elopements in CT, MA, NH, Ri & VT

Just call me Your Gal, Friday!

I am your elopement photographer, videographer + planner! I thoughtfully plan & document intentional elopements and micro-weddings across Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

What makes a wedding an elopement? It's not always about the lack of guests, but in general I focus on "just the two of us" experiences and weddings with 25 guests or less. For me, a small wedding is more about the atmosphere a couple is setting for the biggest day of their lives - from the venue they choose to the activities they plan to all the little details that make the day theirs. And my goal as your elopement professional is to help you make that vision a reality. ❤

I have an extensive knowledge of possible venues and locations for small weddings and elopements in New England. I also have a wide knowledge of vendors who can help meet the unique needs that my clients have, making me the ideal team member for planning your big day. 

Artist | Mother | Wanderer

Hey there, I'm Emma!

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years of art school

houseplants (and counting!)

years as a photographer

weddings documented

home addresses in my life

In case you can't tell by these photos, I'm loud.
I am actually loud with my voice (I lost my inside voice in an accident) but I'm also a big personality. I have always been very confident in who I am and what I believe in, which makes me an excellent cheerleader, collaborator and advocate for your intimate wedding or elopement. 

I have an amazing life partner, CJ, who I met when we were 12 and in the same homeroom for middle school. But we didn't start dating until our late twenties after many years apart. Now we have a home together, our adorable tiny tyrant, Charlotte, and a cute dog named Bernie Spaniel! 

My Values

HUMANIST - compassion, respect, empowerment & dignity for all people
ALL LOVE IS VALID - regardless of whether they are couples or polycules; regardless of where people find themselves with gender identity and sexual orientation; regardless of religion, race or ethnicity
PLANET IS PRECIOUS - love & respect the natural world, whether you are in a city or the wilderness, and encourage others to love and protect the planet
ETHICAL INTEGRITY - support small business when and where you are able; divest from businesses and entities that betray values of love, humanism and sustainability

Where I've Lived

Where I hope to go

Wanderlust living

I am a New England girl through and through. I've lived in NH, MA & CT and vacationed in all the rest.

New England

I lived in Michigan briefly between graduating high school early and heading off to college.
It was very flat.


I lived in Memphis for 3 years getting my Master's degree. I definitely loved the food, the music and that it opened up more road trips. 


I lived in Sarasota FL two different times totaling 7 years. I got my BFA here and my first gallery job. It's nice to visit but not to live, IMO.


As a self-proclaimed winter princess, Alaska is a must on my travel bucket list - summer or winter!


My dad is actually British, so it's kind of shocking that I've never been to the UK. Mostly I'm looking forward to seeing the rolling green hills.

The UK & Ireland

Maybe this makes me a weirdo, but I have always wanted to go to Russia and I'm really into Russian history & architecture.


Ever since I saw Planet Earth on the discovery channel, Chile has been on my wish list for its unique geography & weather.


My desire to go here is driven mainly by one thing: to get to go on a safari and take pictures of the animals in their natural habitat.


New Zealand's epic landscapes have definitely put it on my list of places I have to see before I die!

New Zealand

Another location with epic landscapes, but also some beautiful  culture that I want to experience.

The himilayas

I am very into Japanese culture and even study the ancient Japanese religion of Shinto. Not to mention it's got beautiful landscapes.


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Where I've Lived

Where I hope to go

Wanderlust living

 head due north