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I am SO glad you're here! It probably means you're trying to become a better photographer, whether that's as a hobby artist or a photography professional. Either way, the right photography education & mentorship can help bring you to the next level of your pursuit.

I have years of experience helping artists of all kinds, not just photographers, to the next stage of their practice and careers. I have a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and a Master's degree in Studio Arts, which is where I started with my own photography journey. After I achieved my Master's I went on to work in galleries and with artists independently where I curated exhibits, performed portfolio reviews and advised artists to help them secure exhibition opportunities.

In 2016 I started my own journey toward becoming a professional wedding photographer. And I made a lot of mistakes on that journey. There isn't a master handbook out there for how to create a successful photography business and there are a whole lot of people giving bad advice in professional groups (like, A LOT a lot). It's because of my past work with artists and my own adventure running my business that I now want to merge those two experiences to offer mentorship and education for photographers.

Photography Educator & Mentor

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As you explore this page, you'll find:

1. Free education in my blog posts
2. Mentorship opportunities to help you elevate your practice
3. Downloadable tools to help you connect with clients

I offer personal and in-depth mentorship for photographers with two opportunities in my field of specialty to help photographers improve their portfolios and deliver better galleries to their clients: Portfolio Review and the Gallery Building Strategy Session. I also offer a Holistic Business Mentorship where we can talk about your goals and how you can achieve them through the best professional practices, using the right tools and providing the best client experience possible. 

Photography Mentorship

Portfolio Review

Gallery Building Strategy Session

Holistic business Mentorship

Portfolio Review

The Portfolio Review is perfect for the beginner or intermediate photographer who wants to know how they can improve their work and take it to the next level. In the portfolio review, I'll be giving a review of the overall body of work and individual images you send to me for review. Using your preferred gallery delivery system, you'll send me 15-20 images for review and together we'll have a virtual meeting to discuss your strengths and weaknesses related to the technical skill and artistry of your work, as well as actionable tips for how you can improve your work. 



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Holistic Business mentorship

Holistic Business Mentorship is right for you if you're feeling a bit adrift in your business or you're just getting started and you don't know what to do next. We'll spend 1 to 2 hours on a Zoom call talking about your biggest pain points. Topics can include your website & SEO, your workflow, your pricing structure, your ideal client and how to attract them, backend business tools and practices, finding your niche and refining your style, methods of advertising and networking, and anything else you might have burning inside you want to ask. You'll have an opportunity to let me know what the three must-discuss topics you have have are before our session. 

$750 per session


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I cannot say enough wonderful things about Emma. She has been my voice of reason and education... of encouragement when I’ve been filled with crippling self doubt in my abilities. And she has been my biggest cheerleader through my successes along the way, no matter how small. Without her I would not be where I am today and I would not be progressing into where I will be in the future. Her guidance has been priceless.


- Gillian M

Ready to elevate your website content?

Are you a photographer who struggles with writing the copy for your website or business listings? Do you find yourself staring at blank screens wondering what on earth to say about your business or your photography that is going to get potential clients interested in reaching out to you?

This 12-page copywriting workbook will help you write meaningful, emotive content that really speaks about who you are as a photographer. Broken into four sections, it will help you to dig deep to the heart of your motivations for your genre, photography style and why clients should book their photography experience with YOU.

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The way that the Content Writing workbook helps integrate everything from the Anchor Words into the first initial 'Now let’s bring it all together' section prompted me to actually write about my photography in such a concise yet descriptive way. It brings about a ton of clarity! It’s tangible, actionable and easily implemented work and it is super valuable!


- Catherine J

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