New England Elopement Packages

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All elopement packages include access to an online gallery of your wedding images with the ability to download, share and order prints. All clients also receive customized planning and timeline assistance, as well as vendor referrals.

what's included?

Elopements are my Fave!

"Just the two of us" elopements.
Micro-weddings with less than 15 guests.
Couples who are just in the planning stages of their elopement and need assistance with locations, vendors and ideas.

Elopement Packages are for:

Whether it's mountains, forests or beaches, rural or city life, there's something for everyone in New England!
New England is home to 5 of the 14 Appalachian Trail states, and 4 of those states have scenic coastlines.

Diverse Scenery

These days everyone is traveling out west to elope in very popular people-saturated National Parks. Choosing New England gives you freedom and space to have a unique elopement day unencumbered by on-lookers.

It's Unexpected!

New England has a plethora of top-notch vendors to fill your elopement needs. And unlike an out west elopement, beautiful scenery is just a short drive and hike away in most places. No getting up to hike before dawn necessary!

Simple Logistics

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Why Elope in New England?

My New England Elopement Pricing Starts at $3000 with an average client investment of $7000.

New England Elopement Packages


We host your elopement rain or shine. I try to always have a plan B in the works in the case of really terrible weather, but if it's a light rain or a passing storm we'll be out there making you look like you just came from the set of The Notebook. Side bar: this is also the benefit of booking a sweet AirBnB or VRBO for your elopement stay. In the case of bad weather we have somewhere cool that we can take over for indoor lifestyle photos.

What if it's Raining?!

This kind of depends. If the majority of your elopement is planned, or you're being super spontaneous, I'll be able to assist you with at least a month between booking and the big day. If you really want to create an amazing experience for your day and you still have a lot of planning to do I suggest at least three months for us to plan your elopement. If you're hoping to get married in the fall, I suggest booking no less than six months out as this is a very popular and busy time for photographers. 

How far in advance should we book?

YES! This day is to be 100% authentically about you. I can help you design an elopement that reflects who you are and includes your VIPs. I will say that adventurous elopements work best with less than 15 people and it's important to consider the phyiscal abilities and limitations of your guests when designing your day. If you want to include more than 15 people, consider a micro-wedding!

Can our elopement include guests?

NO! If your elopement is 100% about representing who you are, maybe that means renting a beachside cottage and saying your vows among the dunes. Maybe it means getting ice cream and taking a stroll downtown. Beautiful elopements can happen anywhere, even in your own living room. One thing that we'll do when you hire me is have a deep discovery call to begin brainstorming your #bestdayever ideas. 

Do we Have to Hike up a Mountain?

I totally recommend a full day of coverage because then I can capture your complete elopement story with whatever timeline we plan. Just because you are eloping does not mean your day isn't deserving of the same kind of capture and care from your photographer that a big wedding takes for granted. Each moment of your elopement day is going to feel much more significant because it's only being experienced by a few select people, so the photos documenting it are much more valuable.

How much time should we plan?

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