Hey there, I'm Emma!

I'm a New England wedding photographer & planner who focuses on intimate weddings and elopements. I truly feel that choosing a small wedding is the best decision a couple can make for themselves and my goal is to help bring their wedding vision to life through beautiful photos and thoughtful planning.  If you're going to ask me to photograph one of the most significant moments of your life, it's important that you know you've entrusted that task to the right person with whom you vibe well! 

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No longer just sneaking off alone to get married in secret, elopement weddings are a fantastic way to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your big day. 

You would really love an elopement wedding!

Elopements can happen Anywhere:

Your home
A city park
The beach
An art gallery

can Include:

No guests
Up to 15 guests

And you can Do:

Hot air ballooning

Coffee stop
Rock climbing
Backyard BBQ
Literally anything

Create a Bespoke Wedding »

Intimate weddings are some of my favorite. Filled with your life's VIPs and designed to fully and authentically represent who you are as a couple, these weddings are a fun and relaxing way to tie the knot. 

You would really love an intimate wedding!

Intimate Weddings can happen at:

A backyard
A country inn
A brewery
The beach
A park

can Include:

Up to 75 guests

And you can Do:

Lawn games
Pool party
River cruise

5-Star dinner
Live music
Backyard BBQ
Apple picking
DIY sundaes 

It's about having a bespoke wedding experience and not the prefab kind that large wedding venues copy-and-paste.

It's about choosing meaning and memories over trivial wedding day formalities and customs that create stress.

It's about deciding to spend your budget on experiencing your wedding day instead of spending it on the homogenous needs and wants of 100+ guests.

It's about saying "yes" to yourself instead of the dozen or so people telling you what they think your wedding day should be. 

What does that mean, exactly?

No more manufactured weddings!

I  have a saying...

"Fork Yeah!"

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The photographer + Planner Advantage

Have a cohesive, low-stress wedding experience - from ideas to planning to the wedding day and beyond

The best visual storytelling of your wedding, through the creative lens of someone who was planning it with you every step of the way

Designing your wedding with the experience you'll have in mind, but also how it will live on after the day

Choosing me as your wedding photographer + Planner will help streamline and de-stress your wedding experience.

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